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Hawaiian Chant, Sacred Music and Ceremony

Antion Meredith is well known in Hawaii and commands an unprecedented respect. His outstanding dedication to sacred oli, chant, was acknowledged by an invitation to be the first westerner to have an oli written especially for him for a prestigious international competition in Hawaii.

His mastery is recognized in invitations such as leading  the opening ceremonies, prayers and chants for the Kauai welcoming  of the new Governor of Hawaii, an honor normally reserved for only Kahuna (of priestly blood lineage) thus breaking traditional protocol.

One in the Goddess

The album features a rich blend of textures drawn from Hawaiian, East Indian, New Age and Ambient sources. Antion’s incredible voice soars above each track singing and chanting in Hawaiian, Sanskrit and English.

Kamali’i O Ka Po (Child of the Night) Oli (Chant)
Kamali’i O Ka Po (Child of the Night) Mele (Song)
E Ku’u Aloha (Oh My Love)
Shakti Ma
Kahea U’ilani (The Call of the Heavens)
One in the Goddess
Prayer of St. Francis – (Dedicated to the memory of Singh Kaur)
Kali Durga
Kamali’i O Ka Po – Remix
Love, Serve and Remember
Ke Lei Mai La

Live on Kauai

Hawaiian Songs of Love, Healing and Blessing

The rich sound of Antion Meredith singing Hawaiian favorites. Recorded live at Caffe Coco in Wailua, Kauai.

These Islands
Ka Wai Lehua
Pua Hone
Ku Au E Hele
Na Pali Outlaw
Ku’u Home ‘O Kahalu’u

From the Blog History

Antion writes occasional articles and blog posts. Some are highlighted here.
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The Scotch – Part 2

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