Ancient Indian rishis made many profound discoveries. One is the human voice is one of the most powerful tools given to humanity to contact Spirit and bring the individual into higher levels of awareness, indeed to join in Divine Union with God.

The History

If we accept the idea of Naada Brahma, meaning that God is sound (or Sound is God), then the question must be, how can we, as spiritual beings having a human experience, best use sound to release us from our earthly bonds and hasten our spiritual evolution towards our ultimate reunion with our Divine Selves and ultimately with the Supreme Creator.

Beings of wisdom have asked this question for thousands of years and have developed techniques to facilitate this spiritual task.  They did this in places such as India, Tibet, the Middle East, Africa, Hawaii and the Native American cultures.

By divine inspiration, as well as by trial and error, over hundreds if not thousands of years, the rishis of India, the monks of Tibet, the kahunas of Hawaii and the shamanic practitioners of cultures all over the world, discerned and then practiced vocal and sound techniques to elevate consciousness, to heal, to bring wisdom and understanding, to bid communities in spiritual practice and intent and many other diverse uses.

With the advent of mass media, even in some of the originating countries, these powerful and vital techniques have fallen into disuse and, in many places, have completely disappeared. Elsewhere, the techniques have been encoded within existing writings and teachings, requiring special understanding to comprehend the deeper meanings involved.

In India, the ancient rishis delved deep into every aspect of human life in order to discover how humankind could live evolving ever closer to their divine nature. Amongst the many profound discoveries they made, was that the human voice was one of the most powerful tools given to humanity to contact Spirit and bring the individual into higher levels of awareness, indeed to join in Divine Union with God.

The word “Yoga” means to be joined, thus Naad Yoga is the science that allows the individual to be joined to the Divine using the power of sound and the voice.

Since 1970, Antion Meredith has delved deep into the sacred teachings of sound. His original interest in the Hindu traditions of Mantra and Shastriya Sangeet (Indian Classical music), led him into the Sacred Writings of the Sikhs (Gurbani).


The Learning

The Sikh scriptural treatise, known as Siri Guru Granth Sahib, is perhaps the most powerful explanation ever written about the use of sound and voice to reach the Divine, explaining Naam (the Name of the Divine), simran (repetition of the Divine Name, using the voice, the mind, the soul and the cells of the body) and shabad (the Divine Word manifest as Gurbani as well as the spiritual force that is Guru).  The teachings are hidden deep within the sacred poetry in which these sublime scriptures are written.

Antion became an expert in interpreting the Sacred Music of the Sikhs (Gurbani Kirtan) and has traveled all over the world to sing in Sikh Temples (Gurdwaras).  In 1979, he became the first non-Indian to lead the kirtan in the Harimandir Sahib (the Golden Temple), the most sacred shrine of the Sikhs in Amritsar, India.

In 1993, Antion moved to Hawaii to study sacred Hawaiian music (mele) and chant (oli).  His studies with some of the leading teachers of Hawaiian culture today, brought him to a deeper understanding of how the voice can create the power of Aloha (ongoing, living love) and he became expert in Hawaiian music and chant.

Antion brings his enormous experience and talent to the teaching of Naad Yoga, in a workshop entitled “The Sacred Voice”.

He also gives private sessions in Vocal Empowerment and 5th Chakra Healing.

The effect and experience of vocal empowerment is that which we all seek; your whole being, body and soul, comes into alignment with your life purpose and helps you to fulfill your destiny.

Your Fifth Chakra, the chakra of expression, is known as the “seat of the soul” because its integrity and congruency of energy is uniquely vital to your health. It is the access point for guidance from both Divine Source/Superconscious, and from your Ku, (your subconscious bodymind) which holds information on everything needed to heal, including the original causes of physical problems. When you own and speak your truth, your feelings, your boundaries, and your longings, your voice becomes strong and empowered. The sound of your voice becomes mellifluous and pleasing.


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