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The  cremation of Antion’s body will take place 10am  Monday 5th July 2021 NZ time,  if you wish to join with others in worldwide meditation at  that time. There will be no physical gathering at the site.

Then soon we will will let you know of our intention to create and livestream  a Celebration of Life,  sometime during  the next weeks.

I also want to share my great mahalo gratitude to those who are supporting me so wondrously, of whom I shall write later.

Message from My Beloved, my husband of 49 years, Antion, deceased June 30th, 2021, a few days ago. While I am in the shower yesterday  he  communicated to me strongly, “I am more alive than ever!!”

Personally, my faith is unshakeable that this is so….and that WE ARE ONE FOREVER, ALIVE FOREVER. Four times I thought I would die, and  each time it was bliss, and each time I knew the truth of the words of this Hopi Prayer. Because I have had experiences of communing with the body, with the trees and rocks, with the little people and with divine beings, I KNOW  and FEEL that  they are all transmitting  the same understanding,  that we are eternal undying life! The ancients knew this, walking  through life alongside death as friends, and thus there is no “death” as such.

So I am not so much interested in graves, nor funerals, nor even ashes… nor  places to commune… but rather, NATURE IS MY BELOVED.  IN NATURE, THERE I KNOW THAT  MY BELOVED IS WITH ME, and that WE ARE ONE,  in  ETERNAL PRESENCING ONENESS…

At the same time, there is intense unspeakable incomprehensible heartbreaking  grief and shock…  to be harvested,  alchemalized, transmuted, so  I am extremely interested in  holding – as in the indigenous way, a grief sharing wailing party! Maybe livestreaming  that too!

More on that, and more coming soon, about Vikram Singh’s theme song… and about what I believe is his  destiny of his life on Earth. How and why  he was called and chose to be in love with and  to live in commitment to the noble courageous Sikh way of life, as shown to humanity  through Guru Nanak  Guru Gobind Singh.

In addition, Antion’s  next music release  is on its way,  a divine and powerful message for the world, for us all. Recorded and videoed in Phoenix earlier this year, in collaboration with producer  Liv Singh of Invincible Recording, it is  now being  prepared  for release.

Next release after that will be something I look forward to, already recorded, the hip hop rap version of his Urban Kirtan album! With his own spoken poetry!

Ah, so even right now, Antion is  communicating that when you hear  his music  you can “Get in the jet flow and I’m there, with wings and a turban!”.

In addition to our websites/blog,, and, you can find and hear Antion’s  music (and teachings that I videoed) on the facebook page I made for him, “Antion Music A Star in 3 Cultures” as well as on Youtube, under Antion Vikram Singh Meredith.

I am also  posting almost daily on  Facebook, (ie on my  timeline – Elandra Kirsten Meredith, – not my page).

Finally, see this photo, that’s me, where I am now on a sunny day in NZ winter, floating in Heaven, and sending lots of Love, Blessings, Joy and Gratitude to you!

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Chanting for Antion

Antion’s Facebook Page

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