This letter is from my daughter. You may, if you wish, leave tribute, thoughts, prayers and alohas on my daughter’s Facebook postand on Antion’s Facebook Page.My father, Antion Vikram Singh Meredith, has decided to make his transition.

My mother has asked me to write this as I know a little bit about this sort of thing. I was by my husband’s side as he died of prostate cancer, my hand on his heart. If we should all die with the peace and love and certainty that my husband knew, we would be so fortunate. We’re all going to die. But we don’t always get a say in how we go.

My father didn’t choose to get cancer, and despite his best efforts, it has overwhelmed his human body and has broken him down to the point of death. But he has chosen for himself to let go of his earthly life and embrace peace. It’s time for his spirit to move on.

It’s okay to die. It’s okay to let go of life at the right time. There is a blessing there, and tremendous dignity. It is truly a gift, not just to yourself but to your loved ones, to get to this point and be good with it. In a situation where cancer has taken control of your body, it’s empowering to allow yourself to be comfortably and painlessly supported as nature takes the course it will always take. Trust me when I tell you that I have experienced this as deeply as I know my own name.

In my father’s own words, in his experience after my husband died that he shared with me, he knows better than any of us what awaits him: “During my meditation I felt Dan’s presence. His happiness and radiance defied description. It was obvious that he is now free of his physical body and of years of pain; his spirit is soaring like a bird. He is now in that place where he can see life in a physical body for the play, the drama that it is.”

As a family we let him know last night that we support his decision. We let him know we love him. We let him know that we know he’s not giving up or leaving us behind. We let him know it is okay to decide to go. And we take comfort in knowing that it is his soul’s choice to move forward with grace and courage. He’s at peace with his decisions and at peace with where he goes from this point, however long (or short) of a time it takes his spirit to leave his body. We support him lovingly and unequivocally.

If you’re so inclined to leave comments or memories of how Antion has touched your life, please do so below. I can’t promise that there will be time for my mother to read everything to him, but he will know of your words on a spiritual level.

On behalf of my father and my family, thank you for your love, care, support, thoughts, prayers and well wishes.

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