The Great Malacca Hike 2014 Report #4
Things moved forward today. Late last night I got my ticket for Melbourne. I leave Sunday evening.
This morning at 6am I was on the phone to Ottawa, Canada, talking to the Oz embassy about my visa. The guy was very helpful. He said that it was basically a free visa. the $20 was just for using the web site and that I DO have a visa for Oz. Still, I’m going to print out the confirmation, just in case.
At 6:30 am i was out the door for my first hike all the way around the Orewa Estuary. Because there were markers every kilometer, I was able to figure out that I was doing about 5.7 km per hour. Thus i walked about 11.4 km this morning, the last ten minutes or so with my feet (bare) in the Pacific Ocean.
My feet were getting too hot.
My daughter – who is an avid runner – tells me I am using the wrong kind of socks. I wish I had known that at the beginning of the week. it would have given me more time to research it. I might just go shopping for socks in Melbourne. I’m sure they will have a better selection than what’s available around here.
Still using photos from 2009. As soon as I can i will show from 2014.